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Lodge banner

Lodge banner, approximately 70x100 cm. satin, velvet etc. Embroidered in one or more colors and made with the design you provide. Dimensions, materials, fringes, trims etc. at your leisure.Metal...

Resin Human Skull

Absolute realistic skull with independent mandibula. Item description: human skull Material: resin Color: as shown in figure Size: about 17 cm high Very accurate resin handicraft skull.

Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon in excellent workmanship brass. Beautiful for the Temple but, why not for the home or office?Size sun cm. 22 cm. moon. 25Both have the rear engagement points.Price is for the pair.

Fumigation set

FUMIGATION RITUALS IN THE THREE DEGREES OF THE BLUE Freemasonry.Necessary:                       an incense burner or a glass or ceramic dish                       coarse salt...