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Lapel pin with zircon

Beautiful gold plated 18 karat lapel pin with blue enamel to frame the G letter. Decorated with elegant aged tools with a nice zircon. Dimensions: 17 mm.       The Square and Compass Basic symbols...


Embroidered patch

Embroidered patch. Beautiful square and compass symbol finely embroidered. 7x7 cm. its size. It can be glued or sewn on any head, knitting, bag, hat, backpack etc etc.


On request

We are able to realize all your wishes of design, pins, badges, medals, key rings etc etc. Just a photo or a drawing and create all even in small amounts (still over 50 pcs) depends on the...


"Forget me not " Lapel Pin

"Forget me not " Lapel Pin (Myosotis) gold plated with blue enamel . Dimensions: 7,5 mm.   The Story Behind Forget Me Not Emblem! In the years between World War 1 and World War 2 The blue Forget Me...


Customized Lapel Pin

You can create your personalized lapel pin on condition of producing at least a hundred. Below 100 pieces but not convenient, from 100 up you can get a very attractive price.Ask for a custom...